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Hear It from the Expert: Charles A. Beach and His Remarkable Journey at ExxonMobil

Charles A. Beach is an American lawyer who served as the coordinator of corporate litigation for ExxonMobil in its headquarters in Irving, Texas. Beach grew up in Catskill, NY, a one-traffic-light town in the Hudson Valley about 120 miles north of New York City. His father was a county civil servant and his mother was a grade school teacher. He has two older sisters (one deceased) and an identical twin brother. Upon graduation from Catskill High School in 1963, he entered Hamilton College in Clinton, NY. During his junior year at Hamilton, he studied in Paris, where he took classes at the Sorbonne and the Institut d'├ętudes politiques ("Sciences Po"). In 1967, he graduated from Hamilton with a B.A. in History. 
In the fall of 1967, he entered Cornell Law School. After one year of law school, he took a leave of absence; married Jane Shlionsky, whom he had met during his junior year in Paris; and they went into the Peace Corps. Their initial Peace Corps assignment to Libya…