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Starting a business in Southeast Asia: Myanmar

Population: 53 million Pros: low labor cost, locate in the heart of the world’s key economies - between India, China, and Southeast Asi a. Cons: scare internet and home computers, lowest credit card ownership worldwide, corrupt business environment What to expected: very few cars, shopping malls and supermarkets that one normally associates with Asian economies.
Since US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited the country in December 2011, Myanmar has done much to help removing the sanctions imposed on the country since the early 1990s. International commentators have been quick to point out that, while Myanmar’s political changes led by President Thein Sein appear to be among the most progressive in Asia, the country’s knowledge and industrial infrastructure remains severely outdated.
However, upon a glance of key facts and figures, Myanmar is still a land of opportunity to conduct international trade and investment. The country is blessed with plenty of natural resources, including v…