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Starting A Business in Southeast Asia: Malaysia

Population: 29.71 million
Pros: large open-plan properties and cheap locally sourced items Cons: high tariff for importation, complex rules and no standard reference for learning them What to Expect: a diverse society with ever expanding light rail and cheap taxis
Blessed with peninsular stretches the length of the Strait of Malacca, Malaysia locates in one of the most economically and politically important shipping lanes in the world. By utilizing its geography advantage, the country has transformed its economy from an agriculture and mining base in the early 1970s to a competitive high-tech country where services and manufacturing account for 75% of its GDP in 2013. Although government restrictions harm foreign investments in several areas, such as financial, business, professional services and telecommunications, the country is still an attractive destination for foreign entrepreneurs who can find a local partner to compete effectively in the market.
Below is a detailed summary of the …

Starting A Business in Southeast Asia: Thailand

1.Search and reserve a company name online ·Agency: Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce ·Time to Complete: Less than one day (online procedure) ·Anticipated Costs: no charge
Promoters can search and reserve a company name on the Department of Business Development’s web site (  The name reservation in person at the Department’s Registrar is no longer available as of 14 January, 2013.

2.Deposit paid-in capital in a bank