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Hear It From The Experts: Nguyen Thi Thuy On Doing Business in Vietnam

Yesterday, I had the honor to talk to Nguyen Thi Thuy, the Chair of the Board of Directors of Linh Xuan Paper Joint Stock Company in Vietnam (Giay Linh Xuan). The company employs more than 200 employees with an annual profit of $9.3 million USD. Thuy is a leader in the paper industry with more than 30 years of experience in the field. To learn more about her company, check it out here.

Q: What does Linh Xuan produces?
A: We produce medium paper, tissue paper, carton box, plastic bag, and paper packaging for TVs, refrigerators, instant noodles, etc.

Q:Who are the company’s main customers? A: Our main customers are packaging manufacturing companies, workers in industrial zones, as well as luxurious hotels and international hospitals.

Q: What challenges does Linh Xuan face in the market and how does it respond to those challenges? A: Linh Xuan usually has to compete with domestic, private companies because those companies don’t issue invoices for their sales. Since we are a state-owned enterp…

UK: The Cost Of A Holiday

Originally posted on Mondaq Under English law, all workersreceive 5.6 weeks of paid holiday every year. This is 28 days for a full-time worker working a five-day week—already generous when compared with vacation globally. Four weeks of this holiday comes from European law, while the extra 1.6 weeks is UK specific.
Traditionally holiday pay has been a worker's basic rate of pay for those with normal working hours (plus guaranteed contractual overtime). However, European cases have already decided that  workers must receive their "normal pay" during their holiday. This is not always just a basic pay rate. Read more here.

Hear It From The Experts: Dan Harris on China Law

What is a better way to learn about doing law in Asia than to hear lawyers, business executives, and regulators who have expertise in the region talking about their experiences?

Yesterday, I had the honor to talk to Dan Harris, a partner and founder at Harris Moure. Mr. Harris has been designated as a "Super Lawyer" and a leading authority on advising foreign companies in doing business in China and other emerging markets in Asia. His China Law Blog, co-author with Steve Dickinson, is one of the best law blogs and has been named by the ABA Journals to its Blawg Hall of Frame (an honor giving to the best 20 law blogs of all time). For more information about Mr. Harris, check it here.

Q: What kinds of work are you interested in doing in China? A: Our firm is interested in helping foreign companies with their business law matters in China. Almost all of our work is for American and European companies going into China or already in China. We are also doing an increasing amount of…

United States: Investing In An LLC Versus A Corporation

Wanting to make an investment in the U.S., check out this great article by John Bentas, a corporate counsel at The McLane Law Firm.

Q:  I will likely be making an investment in a company soon, and I was wondering if there is a difference between a limited liability company (LLC) and a corporation as an equity investor?

A:  Although both types of entities, corporation and limited liability company, provide liability protection for you as an investor (assuming you are not actively engage in the management or operations of the company) - that means the only thing at risk is your investment money - there are some differences between the two types of entities.

China: Proposed Foreign Investment Law Would Bring Profound Changes To Foreign Investment Regime In China

New Update on China's Foreign Investment Law by Niping Wu, Partner of Fenwick & West LLP. Check out the link below to read the article.

On January 19, 2015, China's Ministry of Commerce ("MOFCOM") released a draft Foreign Investment Law (the "Draft Foreign Investment Law") for public comments, together with MOFCOM's explanatory notes (the "Explanatory Notes"). If promulgated, the Draft Foreign Investment Law would supersede three important and long-existing PRC laws on foreign investment, namely the Sino-foreign Equity Joint Venture Law, the Wholly Foreign-owned Enterprises Law and the Sino-foreign Cooperative Joint Venture Law. In its current form, the Draft Foreign Investment Law would bring revolutionary changes to the legal and regulatory regime for foreign investment in China, as it would reduce government control over foreign investment admission, focus on substance rather than form of investment, clarify the legal status of VIE struc…

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